Sunday, November 4, 2007

/*Why*/ You Should Blog

Do me a favor, please blog.

Even if nobody reads, you should blog. You must be thinking "This guy is nuts. Why should I waste my time, get my fingers pressing all the buttons on the keyboard, end up with severe pain and in the end nobody reads it."

Well, I'll say, you should write blogs not for anybody else but for your own self. Blog is a way of achieving innovation and clarity in your own ideas. Blogs make you stand right out from the crowd, heck, every now and then born a new blogger. Tell me which guy will get the notice of the people, who keeps mum or who speaks. What the guy is speaking and why people notice him is another matter.If you really do something innovative and find out to be useful to other people, including me, it's worth sharing and blog, in my ways, is the best way to do this.

You say that you don't have time, nobody will read your blog, you have nothing worth saying. Hell no!! Why? Let me explain..

Oh come on I'm also too busy to press these tiny black buttons with white alphabets. However, you must be certainly doing some amount of writing, "No!", you're kidding. You must be writing emails, "not even in a month?" You must be writing some document, "not even in a year?" You must be taking some notes, the subject you like studying most, "never?" You must be highlighting lines in the book which you are currently going through (don't tell me you don't read books), there you go start a blog then. You just keep an eye on your writings or saying that might be worth publishing. Now it's never time consuming to dump some document into a blog. Who asks you to submit a blog before 3:00 pm of every Friday. It's not like an *ass*ingment your teacher gave and you've to submit it before the deadline. You write a blog in a week, in a month, who cares, in a year, but make sure you do write one. So now you both have something to say and time to say. Remember there is a draft button just below.

Nobody will read. I say this is the best thing which can happen to your blog. Because every time you come to know that this good guy read your blog, you'll try to make this guy happy and here goes originality. Comments are good they really tell you where you lack and what you should improve in. Some might also contain praise of your work, it really makes feel happy. Criticism is *good*, but redirect all the comments to /dev/null in your root(read brain), making you change what you really want to say.

To be successful in writing, you should pick one person and write just for that person. Forget for the moment that other people will be reading what you write, and just write as if you a re talking to that one person.
--Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

It seems good advice.

Blogging is weired, you are writing something you already know, or some person has already written about. Something you really take for granted is "common knowledge". You never know the guy who's Bill Gates in the field of having most A+s in your class might not know a simple thing and the guy who is nothing but a road-side punk might know method to create a new rocket engine. The Bill Gates guy can help the punk to get some As or B+s and the punk can teach the guy one or two about rocket science. There's too much to learn in this world and I hope we are still learning. The point behind the blogging is sharing. Get what we can from other smart *asses* and give away the knowledge we have. Don't poke fun at people who seem to be behind us, because they might have something which we'll never understand for years, if ever.

One more sincere advice, please make sure you don't write the blogs with the length of giraffes neck.

Consider me as one of those guys who are behind you and please re-read the first line of this blog.

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tuxdna said...

methinks, you are right.
express, innovate, and enjoy with the world!


Kazim Zaidi said...

Actually, I do blog for no reason whatsoever. I'd love to have it read by millions (oops!) and get comments, but I don't complain even if I don't get any views!

Because bloggin is "organising yourself" out! There's a lot of things to learn. We're always learning. And blogs are just like taking notes while learning...

After reading this, I've good answers to those who think that bloggin is the "journalism of the rejected"!

Akshay Gupta said...

Certainly dear, we should write keeping ourself in mind, and if is visited by others than great but don't stop, as writing and organizing it is itself a talk which needs organization of thoughts.
Good Great Going!

Jagrati Agrawal said...

just ran into this blog from somewhere somehow. I am totally in for encouraging blogging. Also, one can try some online graphical mind-mapping/brain-storming applications.